Friday, 13 July 2012

Friday, Yeah!

When my Dad came to visit a few weeks ago, i decided i would send him home with this Embroidery for my Auntie. I thought she would of love it. It was my Folksy themed Challenge for St Patricks day.
 I didn't think of giving it to my Mum for some odd reason, because when i make some thing i always have some body in mind, so if it doesn't sell i will give it to them.
 So then my Mum phones the other day and says she loves it. I tell her to keep it, and not to worry about giving it to the Auntie, but she said she couldn't do that.
  So She then asks me "could you make me some, I would like to give them as gifts." I say "Yeah, sure mum how many would you like?" (in my head thinking, she may want 2, 3 max.) She then goes through a list of relatives, and stops at 6, plus 1 for her. 7 in total!
 The thing is, they are all for lovely family  members so i can't even begin to think about charging her. But i will be asking her to buy the hoops.
At the end of the conversation she said "no need to rush them i don't need them until next March" which is good news for me, because i can do one a month and get them finished in time.
So as much as i love this Irish hoop, i can imagine that after stitching another 7 it will probably drive me friggin crazy.

So this is my Yeah for this Friday.
Look what arrived today :) My very own business cards, and stickers. I only ordered them on Tuesday from Vistaprint, and they arrived this afternoon. I can't wait to give my first one out. I may go wandering the streets, looking for people to pounce on so i can give them a card.

My hubby said they sound a little Manc, now I'm not sure why, but I'm just going with they show my personality. I think it was the "come visit my blog too" that he is referring too, but i wanted to keep these ones casual. I still bloomin well love them, even if they do sound Manc, because these are one of my baby steps to were i want to be.

Speaking of baby steps, i also made a Facebook page yesterday, and could do with some followers if you fancy clicking away. Please bare with me as i set it all up, as it looks a little sparse at the moment.

facebook. Maisy Lee Designs

Hope your all having a lovely Friday the 13th, which i have never believed to be unlucky, and have always embraced it to be lucky for me. I'm such a rebel like that ;)

Love and Luck
Donna x

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  1. wow, 7 is a LOT! still, its lovely that your creations are so popular with your family though :)

    your cards look super! and your facebook page does too, you have been busy :)