Monday, 23 July 2012

A little excited.

So i have decided to go and  book a stall at a Pop up market. I am so nervous, and i have lots of questions going around my head, "say if i don't sell any thing at all" how awful would that be, "have i got enough stuff"(not sure how much i should have.) I really haven't helped myself since the market is in 18 days, and i have visitors coming for a week on Sunday, so that's one week of no sewing.

So i calmed myself down and stopped  myself from going around in circles looking at what fabrics i have, what ones should i use, and i also stopped that self doubt from making me back out, and just sat down at my machine and started sewing last week. I decided i was going to concentrate mostly on children's items, since i seem to sell them the most. Here is the start of some it, i have made 3 more bags and have 3 projects pinned, ironed and ready to sew.

I'm kind of hoping i don't sell any thing on Folksy at the moment until after it because i need the stock. also i know i would only buy more fabrics and then i would end up in a whirl again.

I have how ever ordered this lovely fabric from Fabric Rehab, which i hope arrives on Wednesday/Thursday, so i can get some cushions made up. I got the last 3 fat quarters, and i am so excited to get my brown parcel in the post. I think i will make a cushion, and some small bags with the left over pieces.

 I will hand embroider around some of the details and add some buttons for the bags.

So if my blog goes quite for a week or 2 you will know i am tied to my machine, and busy with visitors. I may pop on and just post picture updates :) Which will seem really odd to chatterbox like me ;)

I hope you are all enjoying this wonderful sunshine.
Love and ice cream

Donna x

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  1. Sorry I missed this early this week. How fun!?! I want to hear more about how your booth does! Good luck! XOXO